Tandridge Together Christmas
Tandridge Together Christmas

Tandridge Together at Christmas

Christmas should be a joyous and happy time for all surrounded by loved ones, family and friends. People who are on the streets won't get to enjoy the festive season as we do. The things we take for granted like food, shelter, basic toiletries, support and having someone to talk across the year are not always available to many of the homeless.


We will be going to London to give out much needed supply's and spend time talking to people at what many, might find a really difficult time. If you wonderful people support us, we will be able to reach as many people as is possible. All monies will be spent on items needed to create care packages to go directly to those in need on the streets.


We are asking for donations in all forms no matter how big or small.

What can you do?

We are looking for people to donate to the Just Giving Page by clicking here.  Would you like to get involved with us on the day and join the team or if you have any questions, send an email by clicking here or use the contact page here on the website by clicking here and we will get back to you.  


Are you able to help on Christmas eve?  Are you a business that would like to donate money and items to support this worthy cause.  Do you know someone who might be able to help?  Donations in all forms mean that we can reach more and more people and to people who might be finding this time of year especially difficult.


Are you a business that can promote and donate? Do you know someone who can help even if you can't spare any money.  Local support and our commuinty spirit will be what makes this successful or not.

What we need list ( We will edit this as we get enough of each )

Financial donations

Sleeping bags
Camping blow up pillows
Baby wipes for washing as access to washing facilities is not always availiable 
Hats, gloves, scarves and socks
Food vouchers for High Street stores like Costa and Subway
Roll ons
Water bottle (Strong and long lasting)
Granola Bar or cereal bar
Maxi pads and tampons 
Mini first aid kits
Mints and cough drops

Mini Fliers with ways the Mission an shelters that can meet their needs
Trainers in all sizes new and used
Anti fungal cream as most homeless people suffer with athletes foot 
Pet food
Back packs to store all these supplies in
Pens, paper (small), stamps or little A5 books to write important address, helpful numbers and addresses

New and used coats

Jumpers, new and used but CLEAN

T Shirts

Clean clothes and a change of underwear in multipacks will be appreciated by people


Perhaps you would "Give a Gift"


A wrapped Xmas present (with a label telling us what it is so we can know who to give what to and take off).  A little gift to present and see a smile even if it's just for a second.


Would you like to or are you?

Write a letter and copy it.  Make copies and sign it to give a personal touch and give some hope, motivation and love at a difficult time.  You never know who it will touch or help. 

Are you a Hairdresser?  Could you come along and freshen up their style.  A nice cut makes everyone feel great.


Can you provide transport is needed for the evening.  Do you know anyone who can help? If we get a few people wanting to come up to London, we will need a minibus and storage to transport goodies and people.  Perhaps a trailer as well might be needed?  Can you help with this or know some one who can?

Hot soup for the night.  Who can help with this.  Is the a catering company you own, work for or know that will be willing to come up with us and be amazing.

Walkie talkie loans for coordinators to speak to each other on the night.  We can get the hot soup or food if we can get it out nice and warm.


All contact details and ways to donate everything

Send an email to join the team or donate items:  Click here

I don't have access to email?  No problem use the contact form on this site to reach us: Click Here 

I would like to donate money to be amazing: Click here

Thank you for getting this far and reading our story.

Tandridge together at Christmas

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